Looking for a web application development company that has the ability to transform technologies into measurable business gains for you? We can help you to develop innovative and user friendly web applications powered by cutting-edge technology. We will work closely with you to analyze your needs through detailed assessment processes with a focus to create a customized solution that works for your business needs and will be able to grow with you in the future.

Our web application development service spans all aspects of a successful web design and development service offering. From a simple content web application to the most complex web based business applications, we help you to convert your business idea into an elegant custom web application, by matching your product/service knowledge with our technical proficiency.

Our web application development team focuses only on the critical factor necessary for the success of the product in the market place. There is no place of redundant or unnecessary functionalities that deviates the end product from the expected objectives. Worldtech Software Solutions Amravati, Maharashtra is aware that web applications need to follow proper development cycle to ensure that the final delivery matches initial blueprint. We ensure that all web application projects undergoes detailed business and competitor analysis and IT planning before it commences.

We follow strict industry standard application development life cycle processes in our development. The key steps in the overall web app development process are:


Our application development life cycle has the following steps

1 Case Study and Analysis
2 Project Planning
3 User Interface Design
4 Software Engineering
5 Programming
6 Testing
7 Implementation
8 Maintenance & Support

1.Case Study and Analysis

In this phase, we rigorously analyze the complete business logic of the application. We invest time and efforts to understand your core business functionalities, day to day business operations, user roles and tasks, customer interaction points and your existing system-and help you determine the most effective solution to address your unique business challenges. During this phase constant interaction happens between the clients and Worldtech Software Solutions. Detailed analysis and constant communication is the key success factor for every application development work. Client interaction makes the case study more realistic and reliable. The delivery of this phase is a document which explains the business logic, features and applications of the system.

2.Project Planning

Proper planning is the reason behind every successful web application project. During this part we plan the interface, modules, technologies used based on the analyzed data. Quality and flexibility are things we keep in mind when planning. A team is of dedicated resources is formed based on the needs of the web application. Each member of the team is assigned with tasks that ensure smooth flow of the project.

3.User Interface Design

Our main focus is on the end customer who is going to use the web application. As such we simulate real life post release scenarios and test the working of each and every element of the web application to ensure that all functionalities are as per the business objectives defined at time of conceptualization.

We spend considerable time for designing the user interface. For us, any complex business application can be made very simple with proper and systematic user interface designing. We make certain that your web application is a ‘training free’ system and thus increase your user experience and employee satisfaction. You can save huge amount on man power and useless training programs through simple user interface implementation.

At this stage, you see not just how your web application looks – but how it is going to function. As we are designing most of the web application pages with real field, grids, buttons etc. you can easily understand the work flow of the application before we write even one line of code. In this phase, reviews from client and real users are taken. The process iterates through the UI design part till client is satisfied.

4.Software Engineering

This is the modeling of application before programming. This will involve the database design, entities relationships (ER) model, flow charts and documents. Database is designed and normalized. Database design involves the design of tables, fields, relation between tables and create entities-relationships (ER) model. Database is normalized to increase the speed of database. Flow charts help to understand the flow of the application and business logic and its various enablers. This will help the programmer to understand each function an ensure consistency and smooth flow.


In programming phase, the web application is made fully functional . The application is written into machine understandable language to ensure that the program functions are as per client expectations. The functionalities are coded and database connections are made. Security, scalability and performance are things we keep in mind during this phase. We use latest technologies in programming to ensure complete compatibility with today’s emerging technological systems. During this section unit testing and code debugging are done.

Programming efforts enabled by Worldtech Software Solutions Amravati, Maharashtra involves both server side coding and client side coding.

Server Side Coding

We use PHP as our server side programming language. PHP is a powerful open source programming language that offers speed, robustness and scalability. Also, PHP support a large number of servers and Databases. We use PHP frameworks which offer more security and speed. For database, we use MySql, an open source database which offers best security, scalability and speed.

Client Side Coding

Worldtech Software Solutions has core competency in developing client side coding which significantly enhances the user experience. HTML and CSS is used in client side coding. Using JavaScript, JQuery and Ajax we make the client side more interactive.


After the coding we validate the code and usability of the application. Various testing methodologies are available to identify issues, trap bugs and rectify the same. Some of the effective testing processes that helps in development of an error-free application are,

1. Integration testing,

2. Stress testing,

3. Scalability testing,

4. load testing,

5. usability testing and

6. cross-browser compatibility testing.

Both manual and automated tests are done in this phase. Test results are checked and modifications are done. The test phase will continue as long as all bugs were fixed.

7.Implementation and Training

After we are doubly sure that the application passes through all validations and checks, we host the application on the server from where users can access the application.

Our support team also provides necessary training and support to your employees on how they can use the system more easily .

Hosting server is selected based on application’s functionalities and real time users. Client can select a dedicated server or VPS based on the business requirement. We provide the best servers with good technical support. We have many hosting plans from low end shared hosting to high end dedicated servers.

8.Maintenance & Support

We at Worldtech Software Solutions Amravati, Maharashtra   understand that Web Applications need quite frequent updates to keep them fresh and bug free. Once the web application is operational, technical maintenance, improvements & updating are done on a regular basis by us. We give best support and maintenance for our applications. Additional features and functions can be added if necessary to ensure greater scalability advantages.