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website design :

Developing website designs that connect with the users requires a thorough understanding of the medium and a creative mindset. Here are some factors why you should consider us for your website design:

  • 10 years in the business of developing creative websites
  •  Over 350 world-class websites developed for clients in India and across the world
  •  Experienced UI designers, coders and content developers
  •  Specialized in Portal and Ecommerce website design
  •  Smart integration of social media tools
  •  Special focus on conversion optimization – ensuring you more leads per visit
  •  Masters in optimizing websites to rank well on search engines
  •   Special team for support and website maintenance

Website designing basically means designing the pages of your website in regards the content placement, layouting and the overall look and appearance. It involves deciding the colour of your pages, the size of images to be placed, the text font and colour and many other things. For this purpose, different tools are used such as mark-up languages,image editing software, programs, etc. All these things add up to display a web page.

There are two types of websites, static and dynamic. Static websites are generally the simple ones with few content and images. The data on such websites is generally only for display and no major tasks can be carried out on these websites. On the other hand, dynamic websites are quite interactive and their web pages change depending on the inputs provided by the user. These websites are very complex and have a high level of linking among their pages and other websites. Designing a static website is simple and does not involve much complexity while designing a dynamic website is difficult and incorporates different tools and techniques.



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