Website Re-Designing Company Amravati, Maharashtra.

As with any form of marketing, your company websites needs periodic review and updates wherever required. Just a few minutes of casual browsing will make you come across plenty of websites that haven’t been maintained and hence carry a very dated look about it. While the primary aim of a website is to attract visitors and convert them to engaged prospects, such outdated sites will repel visitors, stray from its primary aim of attracting visitors to your brand and lead to loss of business. A professionally designed website is a strong marketing tool and an enabler for your business. A website represents your company online. We believe that if your website does not portray your company as a professional business, then your website is not justified to be online. The level of professionally designed website is directly proportional to online lead generation and sales.

Many times it is not readily evident as to why one needs to go for website re-designing. Some indicators may be a complete overhaul of the core objective of your business that necessitates revision of content on your website to suit the new objectives. Another indicator is the need for transition your static website to a dynamic one.

1. Evaluate your existing website.

The next time you visit your site, keep an eye on the benefits and disadvantages that you see in your website. Try and make a list of three benefits and three disadvantages in your website. Get unbiased opinion from third parties who can provide an honest evaluation of your website. Asking their opinion as layman visitors will uncover a lot of thought process and perspectives that may have evaded your mind

2. Purpose of your website
Try to jot down the core purpose of your website. See if the existing content, format and other elements are well tied to the purpose. Does the website give basic information about your company and your brand, or does it need to have a facility to generate online sales and revenue. Being clear on the purpose will help you decide what type of website you need and what kind of information needs to go on the website

3. Does it Grab Attention?
Check if there is a positive retention of your site in people’s mind. Does it enjoy favorable top-of mind recall with site visitors? There needs to be one killer point that visitors remember about your site long after they have navigated away from it and that helps elicit positive recall in future.

4. Research Competitors
A very good barometer of a website’s success will be to see how it lines up against competition’s websites. Review the technologies commonly applied by most of your competitors and see that your site too has a flavor of the same. Check out the images they use, the layout they employ, the content that they put up and the keywords that form a part of their SEO success

5. Target Audience
Get a clear idea about what type of audience you need to target through your website. See if their needs or requirements are addressed appropriately and satisfactorily in the website and in the idea you are trying to sell to them. You too would agree that a website promoting online school studies will have to necessarily appeal to pre-teens and teenagers. Hence these sites may require less informal content as compared to other corporate websites. Write three one sentence descriptions of different people in your target audience. Then write a few words that might interest these people and cause them to respond to your site. This will help you narrow down to your criteria of preferred target audience

6. Look and Feel
See if the overall theme of the site (font style, font color, content placement, images multimedia elements etc.) is inline to the audience you are targeting and the services or product you are trying to sell. Imagine the disaster if an online shopping portal creates a very casual themed website with haphazardly placed elements. It will never create a positive impression of the safety and security of the money they will be shelling out on your site. Decide on the overall theme and “look and feel” of the site. For example: humor, professional, academic, family, technical, etc. Write three adjectives to describe the way you want your site to feel

7. Content
They don’t say ‘Content is king’ for nothing. Content is the chief reason why most people come to your site. Your content should be simple, lucid and convey a clear message of your brand. It is imperative to have a good writing team that looks into constant updating and revision of content published on the Internet to ensure precision, correctness and relevance. Then rewrite the content. Another tip is to provide more than just your company information but provide articles that attract people to the site.

8. Trust and Credibility
You need to invest significant efforts to build a level of confidence about your company, your brand and your product to site visitors. What will make your visitor believe you? Imagine going into an automobile repair shop or a physician’s clinic. What is it that gives you a sense of trust that your car or body will be repaired correctly? A quality site that stays true to what it proclaims is the one that conveys trust. Well structured and well written content too adds credibility. Testimonies by reputable people or companies are perhaps the best way to establish creditability. A list of previous customers is helpful to future prospects to trust in your work. You can also list a person, company or product associated with your site to add trust and credibility.

9. Keep Search Engines in Mind
Your website will need an overhaul in case they do not adhere to today’s SEO strategies. With evolving nature of search engine algorithms that help in ranking pages, it is important to not allow your website to come up in the 5 visitor is not bound to go beyond first 2 pages of results. This will severely affect the visibility of your site which in turn will hamper the growth of your business and bring losses. Go for website re-design and write the text with search engines in mind. Decide on the keywords and the meta content that helps boost search engine rankings. This is a new concept that is important for those websites that depend on search engines . The idea is to get good rankings on search engines with different keywords. Since many pages on your site can be indexed with a search engine this becomes an important strategy in attracting visitors, converting leads to sales and garner better revenues.